Corona Foundation

Project Promoter

Corona Foundation started its activity in 1999 and, in the spirit of the bylaws assumed at the moment of its establishment, is an organization that, through the quality and diversity of the activities undertaken, the professionalism, experience and highly qualified human resources, has become an active pillar of the civil society, both at a regional and local level.

According to the bylaws „The objective of the Foundation is to determine, develop and complete programs for the development of the local community, in all areas of the economic, social, cultural, educative life, sports, youth and environment”.

Corona Foundation offers individuals, NGOs, economic entities and public authorities services which are intended to contribute to the development of competences and to the economic development of the beneficiaries, as follows:

  • Development and implementation of socio-economic programs

  • Development and implementation of environmental protection programs

  • Development and implementation of programs in the cultural field

Throughout its history, Corona Foundation has implemented over 60 projects with non-reimbursable financing, totalling more than 15 million Euros (accessed funding programs: Phare, Europe Fund, Leonardo Da Vinci, NGO Fund, Government funds managed by AFM Chamber of Deputies, Ministry of Culture, SOP HRD, PRINCE).

Corona Foundation proposes a unified attitude of sensitivity towards the problems of people and of the communities and an example of a pragmatic solution for these problems in a society that aims to be European and global. Thus, over time, Corona Foundation has harnessed its human and material resources in order to fulfil a number of objectives which can be found in the developed projects, among which we mention:

  • Support for older people with social needs – biannual social event, held around Easter and Christmas, which consists of fundraising activities for 40 elderly in need.

  • Promoting sustainable development, environmental protection and biodiversity through the implementation of programs which shall determine a sustainable management in the protected areas.

  • Involvement in the local rural community by associating with other local actors in Local Action Groups (LAGs) in order to contribute to local development.

  • Promotion of Women Rights and equality between women and men through the activity as a member of the Association Romanian Women’s Lobby. The mission of the Romanian Women’s Lobby Organization is raising awareness on the issue of effective and genuine equality between women and men in all spheres of the public and private space, in Romania and Europe.

  • Supporting people in difficulty by increasing the skills of people who have no qualifications or a redundant qualification by offering training programs accredited by the National Qualifications Authority, through the increase of employability and socio-professional integration of people from Iasi County who are looking for a job, through activities of counselling, mediation, entrepreneurial counselling and professional training.

  • Promotion of EU values by developing programs that would contribute to their promotion among the citizens of the Union.

  • Promotion of active citizenship and participatory democracy by involving young people and activists from NGOs.

National Museum of Romanian Literature Iasi

Project Partner

The National Museum of Romanian Literature Iași (MLR Iași) was established as a legal entity in 1990 by detachment from the “Moldova” National Museum Complex, within which operated as the literature section. Becoming an independent institution, MLR Iași imposed itself in the cultural and educational life through the emphasis of the patrimony, but also through events whose local, regional, national and, recently, international, importance increased constantly. Currently, MLR comprises and manages 11 museums and memorial houses from Iași Municipality and County.

In accordance with the specificity of the Institution, the basic functions of MLR Iași are the management and increase of the historical and literary heritage, information and education, research and depth of the specialized knowledge, professionalization, and promotion of well known contemporary religious and cultural values. MLR Iași cultivates and promotes both the past and present values, is involved in community affairs and is a major institutional actor of the construction of the collective identity. The institution is concerned with ensuring education not only in the sense of appropriation of the Romanian literary history, but also of civic education, cultivation of democratic values (tolerance, freedom of expression, pluralism etc.), training through creation and expansion by providing professional training services accredited in the field of museology. Also, MLR Iași supports effectively and professionally the current creation, contributing to the emergence of an effervescent cultural scene, thus investing in the future.

In its institutional category, MLR Iași, through its prestige and status, is the best, not only locally, but also in the north-east region. The territorial distribution of museums at a national level indicates the strategic cultural importance of MLR Iași.

The museum developed and runs constantly and supports its own projects and programs directly and in partnership with local, national and international cultural institutions.