Corona Foundation from Iaşi, in partnership with the National Museum of Romanian Literature Iași, runs the project “Minor Minorities”. The project addresses five “minor” minorities with a poor visibility nowadays in what concerns their cultural and historical contribution to the history and culture of today’s Romania: Germans, Hebrews, Russians Lippovans, Ukrainians and Turks.

The “Minor Minorities” project is funded by a grant offered by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Romanian Government within the Program PA17/RO13 “Promoting diversity in culture and art in the European cultural patrimony”.

The total budget of the project is of 952.193,20 lei, of which 856.878,66 lei non-reimbursable financing.

The objective of the project is to recover, through study, the cultural and historical heritage of the ethnic minorities with low visibility, to facilitate awareness of its importance to the general public through a Documentary Film, to promote and capitalize it through public events, through a touristic cultural catalogue of minorities, containing offers/touristic routes for the profile market, locally and internationally.

The minorities targeted in the project are: Germans, Jews, Russians Lipovans, Ukrainians and Turks.

To achieve this objective, the following activities will take place:

  • The development of a study concerning the patrimony of the minorities, following the recovery of the cultural and historical heritage through the investigation of 25 locations/events/personalities connected to the 5 historical minorities from Romania, at a literary level, as well as on the field.

  • The production and broadcast of a Documentary Film based on the previously conducted study, bringing forward elements related to the interwar history, everyday life, specific crafts and customs, presentation of the cultural and historical heritage, the promotion of monuments and events relevant to the 5 minorities. The film will be distributed among a minimum of 50.000 people.

  • The organization of the 5 Galas of Minorities, through which the findings of the study and the documentary film will be promoted and discussed. The 200 participants will enjoy specific artistic moments and traditional food. The Galas will be held in key cities in Romania.

  • The development and dissemination of a Touristic Cultural Catalogue concerning the emphasis of the cultural and historical heritage through the inclusion in a touristic circuit of monuments and events documented in the study and documentary film. The catalogue will be bilingual and will be distributed in 500 high schools in Romania, 200 national and international tourism agencies, 50 TV stations in the country and 50 abroad, and by 100 organizations / institutions communities / relevant authorities in the country, EU and donor countries.